Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dwarka Haunting - White Sari Ghost

Cynics refute the eyewitness account of all ghost sightings. They believe the limitations of human perception and mundane explanations can account for such sightings; for example, a sudden eruption of noise, a gush of air rattling the windows, or lights from a passing vehicle reflected through a window at night, or shadow images on the wall.

However, it is difficult to believe how the limitations of human perception could happen to many a dozen people who witnessed a white sari clad woman jaywalking a crowded Delhi street. People honked the woman from their cars and woman, blissfully ignorant, came under the wheels of a car and disappeared.

Pareidolia, an innate tendency to recognize patterns in random perceptions, can cause people to believe they have seen apparitions. Reports of ghosts "seen out of the corner of the eye" may be accounted for by the sensitivity of human peripheral vision. But, on the face of the jaywalking woman incidence, it is difficult to believe a big mass of people paralysed by pareidolia.

A woman ghost wearing white sari and glide around with a candle is a popular sighting in many parts of Delhi. The sotto voce conversations during heady cocktails, confession to priest at churches, and even innumerable blog postings refer to these sightings.

Many websites have listed the sighting of a white sari clad woman in Delhi Cantonment. Possibly the lady was a hitchhiker while alive, hence she waves at lonely passersby to stop. If denied, she runs swiftly along side the vehicle.
A white clad woman sighted at sector 9 of Dwarka, a new colony of New Delhi, was really scary.

The eyewitness recounts: "Near metro station of Dwarka , there is a lady in pure white sari .. who sometimes appears .. othertimes disappears while walking …she knocks the doors of the cars passing through that road … even if the car is running at a high speed … she'll run along and knock the door of your car .. If you stop the car you are gone. Shocking!"

The eyewitness one night took a person by name Vaibhav with him to confront the spectre. They drove through the winding lane and almost did see nothing until they came across an upside down autorickshaw which had a white sari clad lonely woman weeping beside it. Surprisingly she was taking snaps while bellowing.

Many are of the opinion that we have had more and more of these wandering white sari clad vengeance filled ghosts ever since Bollywood forayed into the realm of horror. It kicked off a genre of Indian horror movies which always been associated with isolated and haunted mansions - a white sari-clad woman holding a candle at midnight walks towards a foggy graveyard.

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