Monday, December 27, 2010

Real Ghost Photo: Ectoplasm (Psychic Photograph)

Real Ghost Photo: Ectoplasm (Psychic Photograph)

This photograph was taken with an old-styled Polaroid land camera in 1959 at a location on north Damen Ave. which no longer exists. It shows a real girl standing on the stairs and this strange mist-like substance which seems to be exuding from her stomach region and collecting along the entire stairway. Some parts are translucent while others seem visually opaque. This may be a psychic photograph; in other words ectoplasm being produced by a living person. Externalization of thought.

Additional new information: A recent email from the person in the picture sheds more light on this most unusual picture.

"My parents had bought a real old Mansion that had been turned into a roomy house at that time. The rooming house was located on Damen Ave across the street from Wicker Park in Chicago. There were all kinds of stories about things in that old Mansion. Someone had hung themselves in the basement a long time before we bought the Mansion. The basement had a dirt floor it was so old. The dress I was wearing was found in a old trunk in the basement. It had been left there by a women who did an old vaudeville act. My mother used to let me play with lots of old stuff that I found in that old building. There were secret passages, going from a room to another room. It was a very interesting place to live."

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