Monday, December 27, 2010

Real Ghost Photo: Ghost Face Apparition

Real Ghost Photo: Ghost Face Apparition

"My name is Ron Southwell and I have a weird photo that I would like your opinion on. It was taken with a brand new digital camera, Olympus model FE 210 with a brand new xd memory card. So I was playing with the camera settings and trying the candlelight setting. I was sitting on the couch about 5 feet from the subject and took the photo that I have attached to this email. It was night time and only a few of the lights were on in the room as well as the large screen tv which was directly infront of my subject about 12 feet away. The flash was used.

After taking the picture I checked it using the view screen and was kind of amazed to see another figure in the image in the lower left hand corner of the picture. It looks like a man’s face but I just have no explanation for how it got there. I had taken a few photos using the camera that day and then erased them from the memory but none of the photos were of a man’s face.

The face does not resemble anyone that was in the apartment. There was only myself and my sister in the room at the time and she was holding her 6 month old baby."

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