Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Real Ghost Photo: Ghost of kid in a home photo

Real Ghost Photo: Ghost of kid in a home photo

This picture was taken by a group of friends during a house party in a phone camera. The little girl crying in the picture kept complaining that somebody is pulling her dress. Everybody was astonished looking at the face of the kid appearing in the photograph when seen on a larger screen.

I have done some research and tests on the photo. My tests have shown that the image of the face is definitely part of the original photo and not added in afterward. The jpeg compression grid is aligned and consistent within the area of question. After applying various adjustments and examining each channel individually, I have come to the conclusion that the face is a real face, but belongs to a real person. There is plenty of room between the girls and the radiator behind them as is evident by judging the placement of the girls versus the television on the left. Also, the object is 100% solid as there is no pixel evidence of the radiator behind it. Note the small white spots along the bottom of the radiator, evenly spaced (highlights from the light above). Given the space between girls 2 & 3, there is relative room to see them. Lastly, the shade of shadow in that area is consistent with those seen on their jeans.

It is often people looking at their home photos that have caught the best evidence of paranormal activity.

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