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Bermuda Triangle Video - World's Biggest Mystery, Evidences Are Overwhelming!

Bermuda Triangle Video - World's Biggest Mystery, Evidences Are Overwhelming!

Over 200 separate mysterious disappearances have been attributed to the Devil's Triangle, including massive vessels such as the USS Cyclops and the SS Marine Sulphur Queen.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus made several interesting recordings in his log during his journey through the Devil's Triangle. He told of strange magnetic deviances in his navigation instruments. Strange lights were seen on the distant horizon and in the sky. He even recorded in his log of a "great flame of fire" that crashed into the ocean.

Another mysterious event occurred in 1872. The Mary Celeste had departed on November 7, 1872 for Genoa. On December 4, 1872, the crew of the Dei Gratia spotted the vessel and noted the ship was sailing very erratically. When they turned and approached the ship they were astonished to find it completely empty. The lifeboat was missing even though the ship appeared to be in perfect condition.

The disappearance of Flight 19 ranks at the very top of Bermuda Triangle lore. On December 5, 1945, five Navy Avengers vanished while on a routine training mission over the Atlantic. Patrol leader Lt. Charles Taylor (an experienced pilot who was familiar with the area) had radioed Florida with the bizarre message, "Control tower this is an emergency. We seem to be off course. We seem to be lost. We can't make out where we are." . When told to head due west they replied "Everything looks wrong, even the ocean looks strange". A Navy search was initiated (including a Martin Mariner that blew up 23 minutes into its flight) that lasted for weeks. No trace was ever found of the aircraft or crew.

On December 27, 1948, a commercial flight traveling from Puerto Rico to Florida, met a similar fate. NC-16002 DC-3 radioed Miami that they were 50 miles out and ready to receive landing instructions. Miami radioed back the instructions and awaited a reply of confirmation. None was ever received. After 3 hours, a search and rescue team was sent out to find the missing aircraft. In calm seas and clear weather, no trace was found of the craft or its passengers.

Watch the Bermuda Triangle Mystery Unravel Here:

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