Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Omen (1976) - Watch Horror Movie Online Free

The newborn son of Robert Thorn and his wife, Katherine, dies shortly after birth in Rome. Robert is coerced by Father Spiletto into substituting for the dead child an orphan whose mother died at the same moment, without telling Katherine. Out of concern for his wife's mental well-being, Robert agrees. They name the child Damien. Soon after, Robert is named U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain.

The Omen (1976) - Watch Horror Movie Online Free

While posted in Fulham, England, Robert is plagued by several mysterious events. At Damien's birthday party, his nanny hangs herself and a new nanny, Mrs. Baylock, suddenly arrives to replace her. Father Brennan knows about Damien's origins and warns Robert that his wife is pregnant and that Damien will kill the unborn child. The priest subsequently dies when a lightning rod falls on him and impales him through the side of his neck. Katherine tells Robert that she is pregnant but miscarries when she is knocked off a balcony by Damien.

Year: 1976
Starring: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, David Warner, Billie Whitelaw
Director: Richard Donner
Screenwriter: David Seltzer

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