Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Castle Child Ghost

Real Ghost Photo: Castle Child Ghost

Has this photograph captured the image of a child's ghost?

"This photo was taken in Scotland by some friends of my sister while they were touring an old castle," says Bill Eagan. "Look over the shoulder to the right of the people hugging. Best image at 200%. What do you think? Looks like a ghost of a small boy to me."

- from Bill Eagan

I did some enhancing of the photo, Bill, and it's clear that there is an image of a child there. I didn't even see the head and face at first, just the arm, clothing and leg. I was rather surprised to see the child's face emerge from the enhancement.

(The original photo and the enhancement are shown in the animation above. I only enhanced the portion of the photo around the child, which gives it that pasted-in look, but it's not pasted in -- at least not by me.)

So is it a ghost? To me the child does look like he or she is from another era. In fact, it rather looks like a portrait. This makes me wonder if this is a double exposure. Were there portraits of this kind in the castle that possibly were photographed? If it's not a double exposure, it also could be a deliberate digital manipulation -- but Bill wouldn't do that to us, would you, Bill?

The third possibility, of course, is that it is a ghost phenomenon. Can you give us any more information, Bill?

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