Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Crescent Hotel Floating Head

Real Ghost Photo: Crescent Hotel Floating Head

"My daughters and I were standing in line to buy the tickets for the tour of the Crescent Hotel. My youngest, Adrianna, started feeling very ill. She said her head hurt and felt like she was going to vomit and almost felt faint. I told her and my oldest daughter to go and sit in the hallway in front of the elevators.

There were 3 boys that had some kind of a detector that started going crazy, and they were sure they had found a ghost. My girls were laughing at them, and I thought I would just take a picture of the calamity.

As you can see in the picture, my girls are sitting in the hallway next to the elevators. They are sitting on the floor. I can see two faces very clearly: the one skeleton-looking face looks like it has a device on its head, or maybe it's just bald. Nevertheless, you can see the wrinkles on its brow. There is a second face you can see very well to the right, and just above it there is another face that looks more skeletal, like the first one. Down below there is a burst of energy and when blown up it looks like you can see a spine with ribs.

I cannot figure out what the long jellyfish-looking thing is in the middle of the pic; it almost looks like it has a tail. There is the number 2 and maybe a 2 i or 21 down at the very botton of the picture; it blends in with my daughter's blue jeans.

As soon as we left this spot, my daughter began to feel better. We did have a weird feeling when we would approach the annex. As a matter of fact, when we pulled up to the hotel, I did get the creepiest feeling when I looked over to that area. We have never been to the Crescent before, so we knew nothing really about it."

- from Vicky Martinez

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