Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Ghost's Gentle Touch

Real Ghost Photo: Ghost's Gentle Touch

"[My daughter] was outside with the girls when she decided to take a picture of the two to show the older girl how much her baby sister looks like her. T____ and her baby sister, taken January 9, 2009 in front of their house in Oklahoma. No one else was around them. They live in an old house in a little town. My daughter asked me the day after taking this picture if I noticed a ghostly hand on her shoulder. I said, "Yes! Something is there!" My daughter asked T______ if she felt anything on her shoulder and she said, "No, nothing." At the time the picture was taken, my daughter did not notice it. What do you suppose it is? Do you suppose it is there to harm them? It didn't seem like it since they have lived there for over two years."

- from Ginger

It sure does look like a hand, but it does not look threatening. To me, it looks like a gentle, protective hand. It definitely seems like a loving gesture.

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