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Real Ghost Photo: Ghosts lead to bones

Real Ghost Photo: Ghosts lead to bones

In November, 2009, there were two separate cases in which ghosts may have led paranormal investigators to discover buried bones.

The first case took place in Wellsburg, West Virginia at a historic mansion. In early November, the Brooke County Paranormal Society was investigating the building when some of the members began to have strange sensations in the basement. "A couple of the psychics that were part of that group got physically sick when they went down there and they couldn't figure out why," building owner Gene Valentine told WTOV Steubenville. Following a "voice" into the basement, according to the news story, the team found a bone on the dirt floor. A little digging yielded many more bones that seemed to be "chopped up into pieces" and had traces of saw marks. At first it wasn't known whether the bones were human or animal, but an analysis by no less than the Smithsonian Institute determined that they were chicken, pig, horse and cattle bones. So obviously the voice of the ghost, if that's what is was, wasn't leading the investigators to his or her own bones, but it did lead to a peculiar, previously unknown burial. (Why were all those animal bones buried in the building's basement?)

The second case began on November 14 when Jim Boudreaux and brothers Benton and Frank Lavoi toured a house for sale in Gibson, Louisiana. They also happened to be members of the H.I.T. Men (Haunting Investigative Team), based in Southern Louisiana. Naturally, they took a lot of photos of the prospective home, but it wasn't until they were looking at the pictures on the way home that Benton's son noticed something unusual in one of them. (See photo above.) Near the rear of the home is a figure that looks like the upper torso of a man with "a pair of overalls draped atop his broad shoulders." Thinking this might be a ghost trying to tell them something, the men returned to the house a week later. Venturing into the basement, they too felt uneasy. And that's when they found the bones. And these were human bones -- more than 100 of them. They notified the authorities, who after an examination of the bones would determine whether or not the house should be considered a crime scene.

- from H.I.T. Men

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