Sunday, February 27, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Mum's Spirit at Wedding

Real Ghost Photo: Mum's Spirit at Wedding

"My mother died about a month before my niece, her granddaughter, was married. She had desperatley wanted to go to the wedding. After the service, we were standing outside the chapel and I remarked to my two aunts (mum's sisters) that I could feel her there. The group of people that you can see [in the background by the trees] are myself, my aunts and my cousins. The area that is enhanced (lower left) is just above our heads. Minutes before that, I'd sent my young cousin off to take a photo of the wedding car. My father was just walking down the hill to look at the car also. The venue of the wedding was at an historical homestead and one of my mother's favourite places. She had often remarked that she'd be happy to be buried there. It was a friend of mine who saw the photos a couple of months later, that noticed something unusual. We decided to have the image professionally enhanced and were all amazed to see my mother's face appear. The hair and bone structure are unmistakeable. My niece was very freaked out and refuses to look at the photo, but the rest of us grew up in a culture that embraces such occurences, and we love that mum made it to the wedding.

My sister thinks she can see two other faces. They are reflected in the rear window of the car. One is a woman with curly hair wearing a bonnet or shawl, and the other is just above her - a man with a beard, who looks like he's wearing a monk's hood. Can you see them?"

- from Marc Savage

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