Monday, March 7, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Graignes Ghost

Real Ghost Photo: Graignes Ghost

While touring the Normandy beaches in the fall of 2008, my wife and I visited the cemetery and ruins of the cathedral in Graignes. I took a single photo of a marble plaque commemorating the massacre of American paratroopers and French citizens by German forces in 1944.

This was taken with a digital camera and not reviewed until we returned to Canada. Reflected in the black marble, over my right shoulder, is the grainy figure of a soldier. Interestingly, the soldier is in black and white and the photo is in colour. No one was in the cemetery but us at the time.

He appears to be in a WWI-style uniform with kepi and double row of buttons on his tunic. I have purposely not highlighted the figure.

- from Tim McNamara, Standard, Alberta

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