Monday, February 28, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Chicago Bar Phantom

Real Ghost Photo: Chicago Bar Phantom

"My husband and I traveled to Chicago to see my sister graduate from college," says Brittany. "The night of graduation, we took her and her boyfriend out for some celebratory drinks. We spent most of the night in what I understand to be an old building, at a champagne bar called Pops For Champagne. In the photo, my husband and my sister's boyfriend were posing for a picture. We were all seated, there were no mirrors or glass of any kind near us. Lots of people were walking past our table, but when we reviewed our photos on the ride home, we could not get over what the figure behind the two boys. Why is it see-through when even the scenery behind it is opaque? If it was a person walking quickly, why is it transparent and not blurry? And what the heck kind of outfit is it wearing? It looks like a space suit."

- from Brittany Lyke

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