Monday, March 7, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Alexandria Ghost Face

Real Ghost Photo: Alexandria Ghost Face

"I thought you and your readers might be interested in this photo I took over Thanksgiving weekend (2010)," writes Tara. "I live in Washington, D.C., and my mom and her boyfriend Joe came to visit me. We decided to take a tour bus to Mount Vernon (George Washington's house), and on the way back the bus stopped for a few minutes outside of Christ Church in Alexandria, Virginia. This church is where George Washington worshiped, and in the yard of the church are some very old graves dating back as far as the late 1700s. Notably, the cemetery holds a mass grave of 34 Confederate prisoners of war who died in prison camps."

"While we were stopped in front of this church, I took this picture of Joe. To the left of his head you can very clearly see a red, floating, disembodied head! Joe thinks that this is just his own image reflected back and forth between the bus windows a few times, but I'm less sure. I think the image looks like a completely different man, and much older. There were very few people on the bus, and certainly no one who looked like that man. Perhaps it is just a distorted reflection of Joe, but it is no doubt a very spooky-looking image, particularly when you consider that it is looking out from a very old cemetery!"

- From Tara Marden

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