Monday, March 7, 2011

Real Ghost Photo: Moundsville Ghost

Real Ghost Photo: Moundsville Ghost

"This picture was sent straight from my digital camera," writes Travis. "I took several pictures with flash on and flash off, and out of 40 I received this. My cat kept staring down the stairs and would descend a few steps then quickly run back to the top. After I observed this behavior, I took the pictures because my girlfriend has a history with the Ouija board. The downside to using the board is that who or what you're asking doesn't always call it quits after you're done using it."

"I see in the picture clearly the orange form of a person that to me looks like is holding the rail and walking up. I have not edited this in any way and I have in the past taken pictures with large orbs that were almost solid, not translucent. I live in Moundsville, West Virginia and not far from the state penitentiary, but I don't think that has anything to do with this. Just call it beginner's luck in the quest to get pictures of the other side. I just hope it isn't evil.

I have heard people say about other pictures that it was probably a finger or strap in front of the lens, but I know better. The strap was wrapped around my wrist and I've learned to keep my fingers clear when ghost hunting. I thought I would add this lastly to clear up any possible argument about obstructions or moving the camera. If it so happens to be an anomaly from where I took the picture, about 39 other pictures like it have no trace of the color from that mist."

- From Travis M.

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